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Mar 15 15 5:19 PM

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I am also a writer who happens to have programming skills (though I find modding Skyrim quests rather tedious).  I would also be good at writing quests but you seem to have a lot of volunteers for that.  Perhaps you should take applications?  LOL.  I will be posting in the threads started for writing volunteers.

HOWEVER... this is not an offer.  This is a big, important suggestion
THIS IS AN AMAZING MOD so far with HUGE potential.  A lot of labour has gone into it. However, as of now it is really only a place to explore.  While exploration is fun... it only goes so far in drawing people into Morrowind.  This mod needs a specific direction, a main story to justify not only visiting, but spending time in Morrowind.  That story needs to somehow be connected to the main story of Skyrim.  It should guide a majority of mod writing.  All you people who are offering to write quests, lore etc... we need to WORK TOGETHER to create this story for Morrowind in the 4th Era.  If we create a story for Morrowind in the 4E; it will be far more appealing and could reach the heights that this amount of work deserves... to the same heights of Falskaar and Wyrmstooth.  Both excellent mods with a STORY that draws people to them. If you create an appealing enough story you may even get more modders who want to contribute.  Feel free to use this thread to discuss a story direction :)
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Mar 15 15 5:57 PM

I am going to go ahead and start this discussion by putting a fairly obvious idea (lore-wise) on the table. I did not play Morrowind beyond a specific point near the beginning (because I took an interest in it shortly after I quit WOW and got into ES just before I purchased Skyrim) but I have gotten a gist for the political atmosphere from what little I did experience and from playing ESO.

I think that the people of Morrowind would have a keen interest in the current political situation in Skyrim given that they have been allied in the past (as the Ebonheart Pact) and since there are a good number of dark elves in Skyrim. Historically they would not be interested in the meddling of the Thalmor (they did not like my Bosmer character I played in Morrowind), but at the same time they would have a major issue with the Stormcloaks since the Stormcloaks come across as being racist and are a major source of mistreatment in their #1 import harbor in Skyrim: Windhelm. I believe that the spreading of Skyrim's civil conflict into Morrowind might offer a significant anchor on which to base a storyline.

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Mar 17 15 2:19 PM

It's good to see this much energy. However, even tho I hate being the one to ruin the party, we are severely lacking of people doing landscaping. We can't even begin in making quests at the moment, there's just not enough people.


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May 26 15 12:17 PM

I have an extensive background in the Lore of Elder Scrolls, and I am extremely adept in the aspect of writing. I have a really good idea for some lore in Morrowind and Skyrim, and I would maybe like to revisit some of the development of the original TES:III. We could easily incorporate Dragon Cultists, Daedra (since they are the main article of worship in Morrowind), a political rising based in the Great Houses, the return of the Nerevarine, a story about the Staff of Chaos. Honestly, Morrowind is so rich with history and development that we could really take it in any direction that we so wish as long as the mod creators give us the okay. I'd really love to see something involving pirating, the Vigilants of Stendarr, Daedra, and Dragon Cultists. We could also have Morrowind, like Argonia/Black Marsh, attempt to gain their independence.

The Dark Elves could declare independence of Vvardenfell, following the return of the Nerevarine from Akavir, and declare him/her God-King/Goddess-Queen of Vvardenfell.

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