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Jun 1 14 12:25 PM

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If you experienced any error, found any bug or incompatibility let us know and we'll look right into it.

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Jul 5 14 2:07 AM

jalomount wrote:
I can't travel by the boat in Windhelm to Soltstheim and I cant enter Morrowind from the Rift.

Possible solutions:

1) Load order: make sure the ShadowofMorrowind.esp is at the end of the loading order (check it on your Skyrim Launcher). Before doing that I highly suggest that you use BOSS to sort the load order;

2) There could be another mod that is preventing you to go to Solstheim;

3) If you want to travel to the mainland from Skyrim without using the boat you can download this mod (main file + SoMcompatibility) :


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Sep 17 14 11:57 AM

devilhacker wrote:

seems like graphical error or something. any ideas?


Yes, its an LOD error. Luckily only visible on the map and not during gameplay. The issue is known. We also known how to fix the bug, but its very time consuming and the glitch would appear any time a new LOD file is generated. It will be fixed once the world map and LOD are final.

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