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Oct 20 14 3:31 PM

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Since there isn't an introductions board, I'd like to introduce myself here. I posted in the thread on the nexus but then saw the post telling folks to come over here. I'm a modder and I've also got a good understanding of lots of basic lore under my belt. I am the developer of the Unofficial Morrowloot Skyrim Overhaul and I have done a lot of work polishing it recently.

I saw this project, and so far it seems like it is ambitious with a lot of potential. There's a lot of ways that I can help out. If I have spare time I'll be able to work on the actual modding if there are any claims opening up. I can also offer lore suggestions and do faction/questline/dialogue writing. There are a lot of possibilities for designing things in a post-apocalyptic version of Morrowind and I could definitely help with that.

For starters, has anyone here seen the Tamriel Rebuilt version of Blacklight? It has a concave wall around Dunmer-style buidings like the version of Blacklight in Shadow of Morrowind, but the harbor itself is circular and the Redoran Council House is on a central island. Also, will you be working on the far end of Tamriel, the peninsula east of Vvardenfell(Port Telvannis, Necrom, Kemel-Ze)?

Also what are your thoughts on House Sadras? Hlaalu isn't on the Grand Council anymore and the Argonians destroyed much of their southern holdings, so would House Sadras rule over the north part of Hlaalu land? In comparison to a Solstheim/Vvardenfell centered map they would potentially have holdings in the southwest corner, possibly around Hla Ruhn and Verarchen Hall on this map:

I'm really interested in seeing where this project goes, and if I have time I'd be glad to help with claims creating landscape, leveled lists, etc., or helping with general story and lore design.
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Oct 22 14 2:08 PM

At the moment we really need landscapers, it's the first priority. As you can imagine, there's lots to do on that side.
We lack of manpower.
There's just too much to do before starting to think about quests and lore, sadly.
If you could help with landscape it would be perfect.


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Oct 22 14 6:22 PM

Alright then. What areas are unclaimed?

Also, what is your general vision of what you want the landscape to look like? I would assume from the map in the other thread that Vvardenfell, except for the Bitter Coast and Ashless Cape regions, and the mainland southeast of blacklight, will be ashlands like Solstheim? I understand that plants that grow in the ashlands include scathecraw and trama root, with wickwheat and ash yams potentially growing in more wet ash soil. Trees and mushroom trees are sparse, stunted and withered. I would think that regions that were fertile before the Red Year would be slowly growing back, but the ash would be choking out many types of flora.

Edit: if there hasn't been much work done on lore, I will put up for debate a general summary of what lore should be like. If we could agree on a basic core of certain lore ideas, then modding landscapes and city exteriors would have direction.

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Oct 23 14 12:09 PM

I'm afraid I do not know which areas need more work. You'll need to speak with the boss (3AMt, you can contact him on the Nexus).
All I can say is that I've been working on Vos, Hla Oad and Gnaar Mok. At the moment my work is eating lots of time, so I'm only working on a small settlement in the middle of the ashlands. I hope to finish it soon.
Yeah, there is some life in Vvardenfell, even tho the destruction is still visible.

By the way, there are some lore concepts and ideas, it's just that we've been so busy in creating landscapes and getting new assets that we didn't had much time to work on it.


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Nov 14 14 10:34 PM

I've gotten a reply from 3AMt but he hasn't given me claims to choose from yet.

In the mean time I can make some more posts here to discuss ideas for lore factions and tying Shadow of Morrowind in with the original games.

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Nov 16 14 6:57 AM

Im so sorry for the inconvenience, I would give you something to claim immediately, but I can't upload the development build right now.
I only have limited speed and steam at the time. My provider said it will take at least one month untill the issue is fixed :(

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