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Nov 16 14 4:19 AM

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Good evening,

my name is Lorenzo and I am a Landscaper that is currently working with the Skywind team. I worked on their Grazelands for a bit and now I am entrusted with the totality of the Ashlands. Meanwhile I do that for them, I wouldn't mind helping a bit here aswell, considering that I also like the idea of living a Morrowind 4E experience. Sometime 2 years ago I was also the head of development for a mod that aimed to bring Gothic to the Skyrim engine, too bad the mod was quitted after 1 year of development because I was left alone at the development of new models and stuff like that that I wouldnt know how to do. Well, If I can help I'd be happy to, just know that as of now Skywind is my go-first and I will be working on it most of the time, but I wouldnt mind spending a good deal of time on this project either, considering that I will be done with Skywind landscaping sooner or later :)

Let me know and contact me here :

Have a nice day!
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