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Jun 1 14 12:21 PM

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We're searching for talented 3D artists to create monsters, clutter, buildings and armors.
If you got what it takes, don't hesitate to join us!

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Dec 4 14 11:40 PM


hey guys! congratulations on the awesome work! is looking amazing so far!

I was not sure where to introduce my self so I will do it here togheter with my offer for help!

I am currently working at a animation studio as a modeler, doing pretty much sets, and when needed characters. And readu to help on whenver you guys need! (modeling or world related).

The only problem is, this would be my first time working on a mod, so I might have a slow start, but I do learn pretty fast and I am willing to devote my free time to this project.

who should I contact to know more about where to start?

I am currently studying some tools from the Skyrim Creation Kit (presuming that is what you guys are using).


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Dec 31 14 11:43 PM

just popping in to offer assistance. i mod gear based on in-game stuff. most of my stuff can be used as ressources for new land mods (except my last "horde" mods, they dont have enough content yet for my taste, perms should change soon there). to browse them, click here -->

if you wanna use something, just message me on TESAlliance (nick: Ragna_Rok).

have some fun, and continue your awesome work :)

happy new year ;)

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Jan 17 15 3:13 PM

I've been trying to do a simple smoke model, and i want to know what you guys want, a model that looks like the original, or something far more complex (like Skywind model)?

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Dec 18 15 4:43 PM

I'm very interested in helping!

Here's a little something about what I can do
I have NO CLUE how to mod, so I'll have to learn that... or I can just spit out meshes and someone here does the rest ;)

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