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Feb 1 15 11:53 AM

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I'm not a concept artist or a modeler, however i was able to make some pretty decent stuff...

Red Mountan
Some little tests i've made with morrowind and some image editors.

Silgrad Tower
You guys are still using the White Gold Tower model for Silgrad Tower, so i tried to make a model that was inspire by WGT architecture but with some minor changes. Here are some of my concept models.
Texture test.

Nerevarine Statue 
I think is more than obvious that we need to have some Nerevarine statues in Morrowind, here are some really rough models of some possible statues. My idea is that he could be holding Keening and Sunder.

Logo Concepts
3D Models with some shadow effects made with blender.
This one would be cool to use it on a site.
This one is for videos, completly animated, the video is not avaliable yet, i'm going to polish a little bit more until a video release.

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Feb 3 15 5:23 PM

Thanks for your work, its always good to seen new modders starting :)
And indeed we might can use your tower as reference.

Nerevarine statues makes sense yes.
Don't know why you are working on logos, we already have a logo. Btw, you should always keep in mind the readability when working with typo in general.
Avoid things like black fond on a gray background.

I would like to give you some more feedback on your objects, but I just started doing 3d models myself, and Im still need to learn so much...
Anyways, keep it up, do some tutorials and you'll see how your skills grow with time :)

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Feb 3 15 7:07 PM

Thanks for the feedback.
The tower models were fun to make, check out my topic in 3D Models, there's a video there that showcases some of my tests.

I've made the logos because all the other projects have more elaborate logos, and visual is a key point to attract more people :)
The first logo made in Blender was intended to be merged with the After Effects logo, i'll tried but it didn't look good.

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