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Feb 6 15 10:59 AM

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Proposal: Team must make less big pieces of cake to eat.
Make one fully playable province (place, land) and then i will make some 3d models (possibly animals) for the team.
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Feb 7 15 10:37 AM

Might be a good suggestion... problem is, there are only 3 landscapers (including me), and I'm more into cluttering\decorating cities and camps.
So you might want to ask 3AMt about it.
At the moment, as far as I know, most of the workforce is being put in the norther part of the mainland since is the almost completed. Me as well, I will move into that as soon as I finish the ashlanders' camps to help the others.
However, is hard to concentrate in only one single zone without the proper assets, monsters and so on.

That's why we need 3d artists ;)


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