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Feb 11 15 9:25 AM

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I'm begining to use the Creation Kit, i'm learning the things the best way i know, by pressing every single buttom to learn what it does...
But lets get to the point, i really enjoyed this area:

I know you guys will probably extend that area with more terrain, but in my opinon it should stay that way, its an awesome cliff, and there is a lot of things that could be done there.
With that in mind, i'm working on that cliff, i know that may be just for nothing (depending on what you guys want), but i want to see that become a vulcanic cliff, so here's my work till now:

For now everything still work in progress, but the visuals are nice. Can you guys just tell me how to genarate the lod on that area, didn't found any good tutorials.

Any feedback is welcome :)
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Feb 12 15 4:02 AM

You better make a backup ot the LODs in use first. The process is ridiculously complicated for Beth games. You need to convert all .dds files to TGA be use for LODs. And you have to place them in a source folder. So unless you are planning to use 3rd party tools for it, it rather not suggest to do so.

Btw, we will use DynDOLOD for upcoming builds, its 100 times better than vanilla. + we also have new cliff assets by now :)

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Feb 13 15 2:35 AM

Thats amazing, very realistic :)

I want to discuss another subject with you guys... weapons, i found this guy on nexus:
He already implemented morrowind weapons into the game, perhaps a partnership with him would be a good deal :)

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#9 [url]

Feb 15 15 5:15 AM

Actually we have the permission to use his resources. I wish he would release his dwemer architecture, it looks awesome.

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