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Jul 19 14 5:33 PM

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Hello fellow Ashlanders!

So, here's a really rough concept geographical/political map I've been working on.  I've labeled all major regions and most towns and cities, and I'm currently working on a more detailed, beautiful map.


I made the map by taking a bird's eye level screenshot of the Shadow of Morrowind worldspace, then importing into Paint.NET (all that's needed to make such a simple map.)  I used layers and transparency to trace the map's outline, before looking at official maps of Morrowind from TES3 and other, fan-made maps.  I also used the ingame Shadow of Morrowind map as a reference too.

As you can see, the Western Coast of Morrowind is much larger than on other maps, but a large percentage of the Western side of the region are mountains and hills, which I've labeled for this map; 'Velothi Mountain Foothills.'  This avoids confusion and extreme complaints from those concerned about the Lore, as a mountain-range such as the Velothis would stretch far into Morrowind, and one could argue that the Skyrim/Morrowind border is further into the east.

For those curious, here is a comparison to the official Tamriel map:


Another thing worth commenting is the actual island of Vvardenfell; the lower fraction of the island has been cut off.  Obviously this is because the Worldspace has limitations, or the heightmap isn't large enough to accomodate for the end of the Island.  One possible solution to this is a wall.  Not an invisble wall.  Not a straight wall made out of mountains, but a vast, sturdy wall; think Great Wall of China.  In Morrowind's lore, many would know of the Argonian invasion of the the Fourth Era, where the Argonians invaded the south of Morrowind, up to the point of the inner sea.  No one really knows why they did this, but thousands died.

It's perfectly plausible that the Argonians built a wall along the south of Vvardenfell and possibly parts of the Morrowind Mainland (although I'm sure geographical borders could be used as well.)  The Argonians hugely dislike the Dunmer, and if the Argonians have full power of swathes of Morrowind's southern lands, then why wouldn't they build a wall?  It would be made of cheap stone and wood, and parts would probably be eroded and some parts even broken, (but the boundry could be contained with natural barries anyway.)

In conclusion, this map is still in its rough, early stages, so thanks for reading this early concept, and taking a moment to look at a very rough map,


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Jul 20 14 8:44 AM

Fact is, the provided map is the one that Bethesda created. They probably just made an aproximation when they did the Dragonborn DLC.
But yeah, we need to study several aspects in order to avoid mess.
Of course, an eruption of a huge mountain like Red Mountain would easily change the conformation of the land. Not to mention the earthquakes connected to it.
About the border: from what I understand, the argonian invasion is long over and the dark elves are already rebuilding cities and towns. Not 100% sure about it tho.
I'm not even sure if we're gonna expand the map...probably we should, at least to implement the southern part of Vvardenfell.


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Jul 20 14 8:59 AM

Oh, interesting.  I didn't realise the map could be expanded, (I know very little about Worldspace limits and such.)  The Argonian Wall was a bit of a stupid idea, now I think about it.  Also, the comparison with the official Tamriel Map shows that the Western Coast is about three times the size in the Shadow of Morrowind worldspace.

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Jul 20 14 3:25 PM

We will add the rest of Vvardenfell to the map. The heightmap can indeed be expanded. Its planned to add the mainland at least for LOD. Since there is the 64, -64 cell bug thats limiting us in using it.

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