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Aug 15 14 4:03 AM

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first sorry for my English.


Yes. Some Tribunal element for SoM. I just love their mutual rivalry. This idea came after doing "Destroy Dark Brotherhood" quest which is really short and unsatisfactory. I could destroying one of the most feared cult in Tamriel ended up in just one day? so here's my idea:

Morag Tong arc

The quest start after completing "Destroy Dark Brotherhood" and encountering Morag Tong assassin in Solstheim during "Served Cold" quest. courier or messenger from Morag Tong would come and asked you to meet them at certain place. once arrived at pinpoint location, a person covered with Morag Tong armor will attack you. note that this person is essential. after win the fight, the person will exposing himself as one of the Morag TOng's Master and the fight is nothing more than a test. After brief talk, the Master will ask you to follow him to their headquarters to meet their Guildmaster; here, the GM will tell you how your reputation as a person who singlehandedly destroyed Skyrim's DB has reached Morrowind. and since they're nearly crippled after the eruption of Red Mountain, they have no choice but to seek help from the outlander with their main problem, the Dark Brotherhood of Morrowind.

The main quest is about thwarting DB's mission, tracking their Sanctuary in Morrowind and destroy them thus mark their glorious moment after Red Mountain eruptions.

Dark Brotherhood arc.

After finishing DB main quest, a Morrowind's DB represantative will meet you at Dawnstar Sanctuary. they're asking for player's help to wipe out Morag Tong once and for all.

The main quest will focus on assasination of MT member thus strengthen their reputation as the most feared guild in Tamreil.
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