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Sep 15 14 1:51 PM

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First post! Hope you don't mind me creating a new topic :D

This mod is looks fantastic and I just wondered if you guys were interested in voice acting volunteers? Or am I getting waaaay ahead of myself?

I'd be happy to lend my voice if you'd like. I'm male, mid twenties and from the London area, so I guess I have a little bit of that Skyrim-style Dunmer twang to my accent. I'm no pro, just a Elder Scrolls fan, but I have sufficient recording equipment.

Let me know if this is needed yet, hopefully this topic can act as a diving board for more (and likely better) voice actors to jump in!

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Oct 11 14 3:25 PM

Voice actor with a wide range of voices!

Hello! i'm here when ever you need a voice actor that can handle light and dark voices. if you want a sample I'll be happy to give you one. Just message me I do have alot of spare time. 

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Aug 25 15 10:30 AM

Count me in

I have a very unique voice and a good mimicing voice and I can do a wide range of voices Sailor ,Warrior , Noble, you name it. So if you will let me know i would be happy to voice act

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