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Oct 30 14 10:11 PM

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Hey all, Lodakiin here, bringing you the result of a couple of months of work -

I've been working on three main things in the last while; Kagranzel Pass, Blacklight and Klee Interiors and a bit of landscaping around the exterior of the Pass on the Morrowind side.  Kagranzel Pass is an extensive and vast network of caverns that stretch far beneath the Velothi Mountains, connecting Morrowind and Skyrim via ancient underground Dwemer tunnels.

Here are some screenshots (my PC is terrible, so these are from the Creation Kit, if anyone wants to take some decent screenies for me, just PM me.)

Next up; Klee and Blacklight interiors.  I've done three cells so far (more to come though.)  I've made the Shadowcandle Inn, in Blacklight, this will be the city's main Inn.  Secondly, is Brelaf's House, one of the few NPCs in Klee, I thought he needed a home.  Finally, I made a Temple Interior for Blacklight (it's still unfinished however, I should probably add some extra touches.)

Finally the landscaping around the Eastern exit of Kagranzel Pass.  The landscape is dominated by trees similar to those in parts of Eastern Cyrodiil, and trees from the Rift and Eastmarch in Skyrim, as well as native Redwoods and Emperor Parasols.  Just West of the Ruin, lies a crumbling Daedric stronghold, as well as a huge statue of Azura, looking over her people:

Hope you enjoyed looking at my hard work.  It still needs polish, and the Dwemer Ruins need Navmesh (eugh.)  If anyone has any suggestions feel free to let me know.  On a final note, I thought I might remind people to check their inboxes on the forums frequently, as I've sent a couple of people a PM.  

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