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Nov 16 14 7:48 AM

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06c will be a huge step again, it will not only include a big part of
the ashland regions, an improved Blacklight city, and an updated mainland

The biggest improvement of 06c will be our version control ability.
Now we can all work at the files simultaneously, which is absolutely
fantastic and also necessary for further development.

There's still a lot left to do, approximately 60-70% of the landmass have
been edited, only a hand full of dungeons and interiors have been created.
Everything should work out faster and more fluent with version control at least.

As a matter of fact Shadow of Morrowind will turn into an .esm. This will
bring us many benefits in terms of compatibility. The only downside is
that SoM can't be last in the load order, so as long as other mods
altering solstheim are installed, the .ini tweaks are needed again to
make the ingame map fully visible.




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Nov 16 14 8:50 AM

I have been following your progress on this mod and I must say it's awesome. Thank you very much for your work!

However, I cannot help but ask, is there any ETA for version 06c?

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