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Dec 18 14 8:51 AM

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So after a bit of thought this is what i think morrowind in the 4E would be like;
-Southern areas are under argonian control (possibly a state of constant skirmishes) held back by house redoran
-Reclaimation temple (Azura,Boethia and Mephala) is fairly dominant
-Large Ashlander communities have grown since red year (all those refugees that dont want to leave morrowind after red year+long life span of elves)
-Lots of independant tribal communities & bandit camps (same reason as above) (maybe some occupy ruined cities)
-New cities built/rebuilt (its been 200 years since red year)
-Almost no imperial presence (morrowind was fairly independant anyway, add in red year & oblivion crisis and i can see imperial influence falling)
-Thalmor embassy has sprung up and trying to gain favor (maybe there is cause for divide in the populace between deadra worshipping majority and elven supremecists(possibly even thalmor splinter cells))
-Morag Tong was "officialy disbanded" (mentioned by Ravyn Imyan in theives guild) but still operates in shadows illeagaly, possibly in conflict with dark brotherhood
-It is likely that the fighter's guild was instrumental in helping morrowind recover from red year and hence held in high esteem
-With abolition of mage's guild it is likely that the telvanni sprung up their own mage's organisation
-Dragons? (there were some on solstheim after all?) however no word walls as there was never any dragon priest culture in morrowind

Please comment and add your own suggestions

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Jan 5 15 8:48 AM

Solstheim is a lot closer to Skyrim which sort of explains the Dragons but I can imagine seeing occasional dragons in the Velothi Mountains. I think it would be cool to see the ruined Imperial Forts considering there were many in Vvardenfell. Maybe in some of the forts that weren't completely covered you'd find Bandits or Tribes inhabiting the ruins.

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