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Jan 8 15 8:17 AM

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Here are some of my suggestions, i'd like to get some feedback on them.

Geographical Problem
The biggest issue with SoM (in my opinion) its it geographical problem, see the following pictures:

Original Skyrim


By those pictures, its is evident that there is too much land to the West of Vvardenfell, witch dosn't fit into that universe at all, especially with the map:

Dont get me wrong, i loved exploring that expanded area, but unfortnaly, she should't exist.

Some Story Ideas
For me, the main quest should start with Master Neloth, because at one point of his dialog he says something like "i never been to the main island" "one day i will go", so the main quest starts with him taking you to Vvardenfell, on the Silt Strider, to some sort of experiment (i'm pretty sure there is enought lines of his to edit). While he is doing his experiment, he lets you free to explore the island at your own leasure, recommending you visit Vivec. When you arrive at Vivec, someone recognizes you has Dragonborn, something like "Hey, i know you... you're the Dragonborn from Skyrim". That someone ask you for help, to stop Red Mountain's eruption, to save their people from misery and pain. Ovecourse you say that not even the Dragonborn could stop a vulcanic eruption, but the person insists, and recommend you to speak with a mage in the city, that might have found a way to stop the mountain. You found the mage and he recognizes you has Dragonborn, you ask him about stopping the mountain, and he tells you that he is working on a frost spell that could freeze all internal heat of the mountain. He asks you to get him some Dwemer relics related to spells that might help him, he asks you to only deliver them when you have them all. When you return with the relics (here comes a hard part to code), some vulcanic debris fall on Vivec, you rush to save the master wizard. When you take the master out of the city, he asks you to scout him to a safe place, Sadrith Mora (in ruins logically), when you arrive there you clear the place from any monsters and the master starts to arrange the place to its needs. He asks you to come back in one day or two. When you get back he sends you to get one last relic, when you're back with the relic he says something like "this will not work, the spell will never be that powefull'", and then you say "what about a shout?", the master thinks and says "its possible but... maybe you die", but you go anyway. The master after one day or two transforms all that knowledge in a shout, you learn the shout (this would be a special shout, that would be blocked til you get to the center of the Red Mountain, and can be only used once) and head to the Red Mountain. Once there you face tons of enemys and one huge ash guarndian, you use the shout on the center of volcano and lights out, you wake up on the bottom of the mountain, and no smoke is coming out of the top, witch means you stopped the eruption.  

Red Mountain Smoke Fix
I got a small idea for the Red Mountain's smoke, just use the cyclone shout effect, all you have to do is make it larger. 

Vivec should not be destroyed, Master Neloth said she was rebuilt. Vivec must look dirty and "shaken".

For now its this, i hope to get some feedback.

Ps: Sorry for my english.


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Jan 10 15 11:18 AM

Thank you very much for your suggestions

Tamriels geographics are a tough one and noone really knows about them for sure. Bethesda changes them every game. You'll know what I mean if you look at TES 3 Morrowind. Ingame wise Vvardenfell was bigger than skyrim (~60 Square miles). As you can see on the map Skyrim should have double the size than Morrowind, but Skyrim than is smaler Vvardenfell ingame. Comparing maps is not valid and would never fit even with other TES games. Besides, I remember an official TES novel where the Grazelands have been described to be thousends of square miles. I'll eat my pants when Beth someday sticks to 'that' lore ;) Just take a close look at this map from TES1 Arena.

The Morrowind part on Skyrims highmap is wrong and not of use as referance. Vvardenfell is just to smal on it. Ald'ruhn, Caldera and Balmora would be cell on cell. Don't get me wrong, I don't want to talk you down or something and Im taking your point serious. Here I've made a quick overpaint. Time will tell if we can move the gate. Fact is, it dosn't fit so well any other place, I've treid.

Compared with this official 1st.E map: our worldspace is fitting much better.

Sadly we can't just remove or copy paste parts of the worldmap.

I like the idea to start the main quest with Neloth, I had some similar thought.
We need a new 3d LOD object for the Red Mountain cloud. Everything else won't work out well.
We don't have assets for Vivec at the moment. Good old Neloth said its still beeing rebuild. Some parts of it are in ruins, others are new.

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Jan 28 15 6:45 PM

i came up with some new suggestion... so i'm here to share them :)

Red Mountain's Smoke
I tried to make a simple smoke model, but it didnt work out, so here's my idea: make a provisory 3D model, something simple, not sharp or anything, just to dont look 2D. You guys only need to make a "cone" shape, like this:

And then, only throw a white texture there that fades to the sky, it would look something like this:

Once we get more people to help, we will be able to request a better smoke model, but until there, a provisory model would be cool to substitute that 2D model. Share your thoughts...

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