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Feb 3 15 2:33 PM

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Here are some of the models i've made, in order: Silgrad Test Models, Nerevarine Statue Test, Tentacles Test.
If you have any texture or modeling suggestion please share it. Any feedback would be good.
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Feb 6 15 4:05 AM

I'm currently testing some textures on the tower, and what i want to know from you guys is, what type of textures do you want? darker textures, lighter textures?
The texture will set the mood for the ambient, and what type of mood do you guys have in mind?

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#3 [url]

Feb 7 15 10:23 AM

I think is a good start. We surely need also some concept art for the tower.
Not sure about the texture tho. I'd opt for dark, but that's just me.


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