May 9 15 9:50 AM

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Hey guys this mod is amazing, but I was wondering if there would be any consideration of creating a sub forum on Dark Creations. Dark Creations is a forum/hub which hosts a collection of large projects; Beyond Skyrim, TES V The Mad God, Immersive Quests, Distinct Landscapes Reimagineds to name a few. 

Now what I am not NOT recommending or suggesting is merging with Beyond Skyrim as so many have tried to do. This idea is a dead horse and I know you guys want to bring your idea of 4th Era Morrowind to fruition. What I am suggesting is applying to make an additional subforum to recruit some scripters, 3-D modelers, interior and exterior designers. The more exposure this project gets the more likely it is to bring in more talent and the sooner a beta could be put up. If you think it's a good idea let me know!

Also if anyone is aware of privateye he created a TON of morrowind artifacts for the purpose of then being used as modders resources.

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