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Jun 2 14 1:06 PM

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I'm working on cluttering and fixing the telvanni city of Vos.
Took inspiration from Sadrith Mora since the velothi buildings collapsed and are unusable, it now looks like a classical telvanni city build around a main tower. We've got some new resources coming soon, but so far it looks blissful, especially at night.
Some cool screenies:

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Jul 2 14 4:48 PM

Basic cluttering of Vos, Gnaar Mok and Hla Oad finished.
I found a way to make some of the old lanterns' work, there will be much more variety.

Random screenshots:

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Jul 20 14 1:47 AM

Looks beautiful!

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Jan 20 15 6:38 AM

Yes, we noticed that modders' resource. We actually converted those assets a long time ago, waaaaay before them. And we also got working lanterns :P


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